Eutelsat Approved Ka Band Antenna

  • New Universal Mechanical Design
  • High RF Performance
  • Supports diffrerent platforms like Tooway, Hughes, iDirect, Avanti
  • Easy Integration of TRIA (BUC, LNB, Feed and OMT)
  • Strong and Gapless Gear Structure
  • Outdoor Antenna Controller With Remote Control
  • Designed for VSAT and Broadcast Applications
  • Auto Pointing with 2 Axis Movement
  • Optional 3 Axis Movement
  • Control via Tablet, Smart Phone, PC or Indoor Controller
  • Standart GPS- Compass on Antenna
  • Easy Installation

SVSAT120 Ka Band antenna system is an easily configured, simple to operate, auto-deploy VSAT and Broadcasting terminal which can be mounted on the roof af a vehicle. It is suitable for the most demanding applications. Ideally suited for applications that require a quick, simple set-up typically for industries such as Disaster Management, Oil&Gas Exploration, mining, consruction, mobile offices and emergency services.


  • De-icing option up to 2500W
  • Half housing option
  • 7/24 remote support service option
  • On site preventative maintenance service option
  • On site commisioning service option
  • 3 axis movement
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