Uplink Power Controller

SVS UPC 110 Uplink Power Controller


  • UPC110 keeps downlink signal stable at the previous adjusted level, by increasing or decreasing output level of the power control unit according to the reference level of the internal or external receivers.
  • In 1:1 redundancy systems The UPC 110 keeps output signal level of the device on air and redundant device at the same level. By adjusting output levels in accordance with each other.
  • HPAs, modulators or upconverters can be used as power control device.
  • An external receiver can be used instead of the interval receiver. .
  • In case of a failure in the connection with power control devices, locking to the reception signal or power overload the UPC 110 alerts you with an alarm.
  • Maximum power changing can be limited. Limits of intervention, control density and alarm levels can be configured.
  • The UPC 110 logs alarm status and intervention to the output level, with date and time info. (Max. 512) Logs can be transferred to Computer.
  • The UPC 110 is remote manageable via Serial port (RS232 or RS485) or Ethernet Port. The UPC 110 has its PC Control software.
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