SFM 200-100
Diamond 100 cm Motorized Fly Away Antenna System



  • 100cm offset carbon fiber reflector
  • 4 pcs. segment motorised flyaway antenna
  • Fast and accurate auto pointing
  • High performance, powerful, efficient
  • Designed for Ku, Ka, DBS, X Band applications
  • Drive control housed in main antenna case
  • Can be used either as a flyaway or driveaway antenna system
  • Easy to mount

SFM200 Diamond carbon fiber antenna is a high performance, powerful and efficient flydrive antenna system, that is designed for uplink operations of broadcasters and data operators. It is designed as a reliable system against heavy duty conditions and operations in the field.

Product Overview

The SFM-200 FlyDrive Antenna is the newest antenna solutions for satcom and broadcaster operators. SVS Telekom has made its FlyDrive antenna as easy as possible to operate. It offers full 3-axis motorised control with manual backup, satellite auto acquisition and tracking system. The SFM-200 can be fixed easily to all of the vehicle with standard fittings.

The flight cases are within certain dimesions, as covered by the IATA regulations on the dimensions of packaging cases and rugged enough to withstand the regours of international air transport.


  • Fast and accurate auto pointing
  • Web based, user friendly GUI.
  • One touch auto pointing operation
  • Satellite user list (DVBS/S2 reference carrier, diseqc option)
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer
  • Sensitive manual control over web page or pc software interface
  • Speed levels up to 255 steps
  • Automatic compass error correction
  • Parametrically soft start/stop movement capabilities
  • Automatic positioning in all 3 axises and simultaneous movement capabilities
  • Provider channel name decoding and representing in user interface for relevant carrier
SFM200-100 datasheet
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