Special Design Wide Band Antenna


SVS Telekom SWB-450-4AXIS –Receive Only Antenna system is a robust, high performance, efficient and affordable antenna system. SVS Telekom provides the best value antenna solution to the market with competitive prices, the highest quality products and superb engineering support since 1995

  • 4.5 meter Receive Only Parabolic Antenna
  • The same feed system covers 1-18 GHz includes C Band, X Band, Ku Band.
  • Low Transportation Cost with Eight Panel Reflector
  • Movement on 4 Axis
  • Optionally Automatic Distance Regulation
  • Optionally, Tracking System with the Beacon Receiver or DVB Tuner Card
  • Optionally De-Icing System
  • SWB-450-4AXIS created as wide band antenna between 1-18 GHz. These frequency values provide three different covered band as C Band, X Band, Ku Band at the same feed structure.
  • Treditional motorized antennas has three axis movement but SWB-450-4AXIS provides you 4 axis movement as elevation, azimuth, polarization and special polarization arm movement
  • Polarization arm movement is performed on 180 cm mechanism. Feed system moves over it and operator sets the distance on the antenna controller unit for each frequency.
  • Optionally automatic distance regulation can provide on the antenna controller.


With this feed system you can adapt your antenna system different bands without changing feed. The feed system can complete the frequency change between 1-18 GHz in 2 minutes and this movement time is changable according to your needs. Also this polarization arm movement can manage by the operator or antenna controller automatically.4th axis movement get you more efficient antenna system that you can configure according to your needs.

SWB450-4AXIS Datasheet
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