Antenna Controller

AKS-250 Antenna Controller


AKS-250 is a high performance, powerful and efficient Antenna Controller System for both Mobile and Fixed Antenna Applications.

  • Eutelsat certified auto-pointing
  • 3-Axis movement
  • Built-in DVB-S/S2 tuner
  • Find satellite automatically
  • Store satellite for quick re-finding
  • Define your limits
  • Control via computer
  • Easy to use, secure with admin, user access levels 
  • AKS-250 is a high performance, powerful, and efficient antenna controller system for both mobile and fixed antenna applications.
  • Locking into DVB-S/S2 carriers and listing service names.
  • 3-axis movement, auto stow/auto deploy (for Mobile antennas).
  • Spectrum viewer (with software licence option).
  • Automatic or manuel De-ice System controlling (if de-icing available).
  • 1/32 or 1/255 steps speed adjustment over one screen.
  • Find satellite automatically and peak the satellite you find. Recall last satellite info and direct your antenna automatically. Select a satellite from your list of 700 satellites.
  • Inclined satellite orbit tracking (with software licence option).
  • AKS250 can track satellites thanks to the DVB tuner inside and by referring to a carrier signal or a beacon receiver. Tracking can be achieved with two methods : Step Track and Memory Track.    
  • Names, coordinates and parameters of 50 satellites can be stored.  
  • English and Turkish menu, manual and auto movements are on the same screen. 
  • Define access limits with admin and user levels and manage antenna controller from your. 
  • PC via Ethernet or Serial (RS232/485) ports.
  • RF output activation after peaking completes.


Admin Panel