SM240 Receive/Transmit Antenna


SVS Telekom presents various antenna system to the market since 1995. As a fixed motorised antenna, SM240 Transmit-Receive Antenna System created a perfect alternative to the customers. SM 240which is supported by AKS250, has excellent movement ability on three axis. SM 240 is used under difficult conditions for many years and at the end of these tests we created perfect matching between SM240 and AKS250 antenna controller

  • 2.4m Offset Antenna
  • Precision Compression Molded OffsetReflector
  • Optional galvanized king post available
  • Designed for C, Ku and DBS band applications,
  • Fully galvanized steel Az/El mount
  • Optionally tracking System with the beacon receiver or DVB tuner card.
  • Three axis motorised system
  • SVS 2.4 METER Antenna is a high performance, powerful and efficient Motorised Antenna System.
  • The versatile pedestal mount allows for fixed or motorized applications and features 180 degree azimuth coverage in three continuous overlapping ranges.
  • Three axis motorized system with
  • 180 degrees of azimuth adjustment
  • Integrated database for potentially accessible satellites
  • Extension to a satellite tracking system
  • Integration of de-ice system
SM240 RX/TX Datasheet
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