SBAP55 Special Design Antenna

Special design antenna SBAP55 is created as multifunctional system. The mechanical of the antenna is carrying two parallel antenna at the same time and 3 axis motion provides for both antenna through antenna controller. Antenna diameter is selected as 55 cm in this application and the distance the center of the two antennas is 60 cm. This distance between antennas can adjust according to the application.


Designed to protect the antenna system from external effects. This equipment provides to create more resistance antenna system and also provides to work opportunity at offshore with water tightness ability. To protect the antenna from internal effects Radom has two fans. These fans is placed with a special design to prevent the leakage.
  • Ventilation for the interior of radome
  • Water proof
  • Watertight fan system
  • Internal heating for radome
  • To see the alarm information for all fans
  • To manage the fans with the ethernet interface


  • Adjustuble platform height
  • Removable antenna stand
  • Connection points to carry with crane
  • Waterproof additional equipment space between paltform and antenna stand
  • SBAP55 Datasheet
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