SFM 200-120
Diamond 120 cm Motorized Fly Away Antenna System


  • 120cm offset carbon fiber reflector
  • 4 pcs. segment motorised flyaway antenna
  • High performance, powerful, efficient
  • Designed for Ku, Ka, DBS, X Band applications
  • Fast and accurate auto pointing
  • Can be used either as a flyaway or driveaway antenna system
  • Easy to mount

Product Overview

The SFM200-120 FlyDrive Antenna is the newest antenna solutions for satcom and broadcaster operators. SVS Telekom has made its Fly-Drive antenna as easy as possible to operate. It offers full 3-axis motorised control with manual backup, satellite auto acquisition and tracking system. The SFM-200 can be fixed easily to all of the vehicle with standard fittings.

SFM200 Diamond carbon fiber antenna is a high performance, powerful, and efficient flydrive antenna system, that is designed for uplink operations of broadcasters and data operators. It is designed as a reliable system against heavy duty conditions and operations in the field.


  • Fast and accurate auto pointing
  • Web based, user friendly GUI.
  • One touch enough to auto pointing operation
  • Satellite user list (DVBS/S2 reference carrier, diseqc option)
  • Integrated spectrum analyzer
  • Sensitive manual control over web page or pc software interface
  • Speed levels up to 255 steps
  • Automatic compass error correction
  • Parametrically soft start/stop movement capabilities
  • Automatic positioning in all 3 axises and simultaneous movement capabilities
  • Provider channel name decoding and representing in user interface for relevant carrier

SFM200-100 datasheet
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