SVS Satellite Systems offers turnkey solution for DTH system. Satellite DTH is a strong alternative to cable TV. It enables customers to receive a minimum of 200 to 300 channels on a fairly economical basis. The other advantage is the availability of satellite broadcast in rural and semi-rural areas where cable is difficult to install. If you are a DTH service provider or if you build DTH uplink systems, you know that the efficient use of the satellite capacity and the availability of the service are key elements to the success of your business. We offer turnkey and the most reliable solutions on the market.


SVS Satellite SYSTEMS offers satellite ground stations with small-diameter antennas (0,8 m – 2,4 m) for

  • oil exploration companies
  • car dealerships
  • gas stations
  • lottery systems
  • banks and insurance companies
  • drug stores, general stores, supermarkets
  • health care companies
  • manufacturers, food manufacturers
  • couriers, hotel chains, car rental businesses
  • heavy industries, mines, electrical utilities
  • oil and gas pipelines,
  • energy production and exploration
  • timber companies, plantations
  • various government departments and agencies

VSAT system ensures two-way Satellite communication between Central Ground Station (Hub Station) and geographically distant points. VSAT systems support many services such as voice and data transmission, internet, intranet, video conference, etc.


Big satellite operators want to know all data about their satellites. They should know the exact location of the satellite, its distance from the earth to control them. We offers turnkey solution for TCR systems from medium size (4.7-9m) to larger size (11-13m). Our technical team have very good experience for installing and retrofiting of the tracking and RF parts for both Limited Motion and Full Motion antenna systems.

Video Wall Systems

SVS Satellite Systems offer turnkey video wall solutions. For operators and broadcasters it is important to monitor their broadcasts 7/24. Also for shows and news a large video wall will leave a very good impression on viewers. SVS’ solutions perfectly fit broadcast or distribution monitoring rooms. Not only large video walls, but also large format LCD displays and the corresponding controllers and software, make sure the TV streams are sent to the viewers in an optimal way. A range of reliable reference monitors for screening and post-production checks the quality of the images at all times. With this system you can display any type of video and data sources on any video wall configuration.

Uplink and Mobile DSNG/SNG Systems

Fixed Up-link systems for studios and broadcaster’s center, Mobile DSNG/SNG Systems for recording any location and play-outs, Space segments for transmission over satellites.

NMS Solutions
Network Management Systems

As an integrator company, we have more than 10 years of experience on network management system software. Simply, we develop our own software for the systems that we integrate. As an expected result of this, we have a great deal of experience on lots of different type or brand of broadcast system devices. NMS Details


  • Turnkey Earth Station
  • DSNG
  • Headend Systems
  • IPTV
  • Cable TV
  • DTH
  • Network Management Systems


  • Satellite Communication Systems
  • VSAT
  • GSM Backhauling
  • IP Trunking
  • Corporate Networks


  • Mobile Antenna System
  • Fixed Antenna System
  • Transportable Antenna System
  • Custom Designs
  • Consulting
  • Technical Support
  • Repair Services
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