SVS Telekom has been established by an experienced team at Satellite Communication area in 1995. By this time we are providing broadcasters, telecom companies, ISPs, and military organisations with mobile and fixed satellite communication equipment, solutions and services.

SVS Telekom offers complete turnkey solutions, engineering designs, maintenance and consultation on all types of communications systems. We carry data, voice, video over satellite.

Our team of professionals has used its expertise to design and construct fix and mobile earth stations in Turkey and the region. SVS Telekom engineers oversee every aspect of production and have the unique ability to fully integrate a satellite system before it is shipped to the customer s site.With well equipped lab facilities, 65 experienced people - most of them technical, our products, services and solutions are empowering the satcom market.

SVS Telekom also provides rental transmission systems for video, voice, data systems and provides consulting for these services as well as on the Turkish regulatory and economic environment for the satcom industry.


  • 2022 Radar Pedestal for Turkish Defence
  • 2021 X/Y LEO Tracking Pedestal
  • 2020 First project in Tajikistan. 4.9m DBS Band uplink system
  • 2019 4.9m Ku-Band uplink system in Afghanistan
  • 2019 Our first 9.4m Ka-Band system. Arabsat Ka-Band Gateway in Sudan
  • 2018 Al-Andulos New Headend with 2 x 6.5m E/S in Sudan
  • 2017 RF Acquisition Expansion Ooredo Telecom in Qatar
  • 2016 First ASELSAN LST Project
  • 2016 Arabsat Tunusia E/S
  • 2015 Uplink station GS Group, Bangladesh
  • 2014 Turkcell/Superonline geographical disaster redundancy station
  • 2013 12 DSNG vehicle built to TRT
  • 2013 Kuwait MOI, 3 E/S installation with our partner Al-Rashed
  • 2012 Eutelsat Autopointing approval
  • 2011 Qatar TV IPTV infrastructure project partner
  • 2011 OEM SNG antenna production and sales started
  • 2010 Frame agreement with Arabsat on DTH earth stations
  • 2010 Retrofit of Turksat TTC Earth Station Tracking Part
  • 2009 Retrofit of Turksat TTC Earth Station RF Part
  • 2006 Technical service partnetship aggrement with MCL for EMEA region and subsequently Newtec and Paradise
  • 2004 First African projects in Nijer and Gabon
  • 2004 First Middle-East project - Al Jazeera
  • 2003 First big teleport project in Europe-Monaco Telecom
  • 2002 WFP Afghanistan project
  • 2001 First OBVAN production
  • 2001 First international project
  • 2000 First antenna production

To be the most preferable company throughout the world on broadcasting and communication market with the services and products we supply

SVS Satellite Systems

Provide the global markets on broadcasting and communication related systems, products, and services with our highly qualified personnel, focusing on the continuous development of quality and customer satisfaction

SVS Satellite Systems
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