Eutelsat Approved Ka Band Antenna


  • Eutelsat Approval
  • 78cm Offset Antenna
  • Hands-off spot selection
  • Two axis motorised system (Optional 3-axis)
  • Designed for Ka band VSAT applications
  • Adjustable mechanical and soft limit switches
  • Advanced Antenna Control Capabilities of AKS250
  • Single push button is enough to operate
  • Accurate resolver, GPS, compass, and clinometer sensors
  • Easy to mount
  • Compliant with Eutelsat and Yahsat services

The SVSAT 78-KA is a 78cm Ka Band motorised drive-away antenna. With its superior autopointing algorithm points to satellite in a few minutes. It can be easily mounted to any vehicle or fixed platform. Advanced Antenna Controller selects the Ka spot based on GPS location without any operator action..

The SVSAT 78-KA motorised antenna system is a reliable choice for your mobile contribution applications for broadcasters, telecom operators, and production companies. It also matches with the need of Oil & Gas Industry, Military Communications and Disaster recovery applications. Whenever and wherever you need instant broadband data communications and a powerful antenna system with a strong structure, The SVSAT 78-KA motorised antenna system helps you provide immediate access to satellite and makes Video&Voice over IP, file transfer, e-mail or web browsing, and high-speed access possible in Ka Band.

SVSAT78-Ka Datasheet
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