SVS Provided an SDO-120 Ku Band SNG Antenna to Dubai via RAYA Telecom

RAYA Telecom (UAE System Integrator) bought SDO-120 Ku Band SNG antenna for customer in Dubai which is a company named Al-Laith TV. Raya Telecom and SVS have been doing business over 7 years now. SDO120 is one of the most durable antenna system which works under the polar and desert conditions at the five different continents . Also SDO 120 Ku is our best seller product around the world. 

Integrators like RAYA Telecom usually offers this product to their customers in Broadcasting Business. It is an important step for us to provide another robust antenna to market via RAYA Telecom and also improving our relationship with RAYA Telecom is our goal. We hope that they will appreciate our business and their customers will be satisfied with performance of our SDO120.

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