SVS Deployed 4 SNG Vehicles for Sahi Company

SAHI Company ( Iraqi System Integrator ) bought 4 SNG vehicles with SDC 120 Ku Band Antenna for one of their customers in Iraq named K24 TV. Sahi Company and SVS doing business for more than 10 years. That’s why they know our experience both in Antenna manufacturing and SNG building. 

Eutelsat Approved SDC 120 Antenna was used at all the vehicles as a part of this project. SDC 120 is a high-end product which got the Eutelsat approval with best auto-pointing accuracy. Also the SNG system has SVS products like AKS250 ( Advanced Antenna Controller ) and UHC402 ( Universal HPA Controller ) which proves SVS capacity in the broadcasting market and as SVS Family , proud to provide another robust antenna to the market. It is an important step for improving our relationship with SAHI Company. We hope that they will appreciate our business.

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