VoIP Packet Optimization Gateway

The wide deployment of VoIP as an alternative to conventional telephony brings with it some unanticipated challenges for Service Providers. Multiple VoIP calls can quickly generate a large volume of IP packets creating a problem for some networks with packet throughput constraints. The Netrix Network Exchange (Nx) 2205D VoIPAK from NSGDatacom, eliminates these throughput constraints using Netrix' patented IP packet compression and overhead elimination techniques. The Nx2205D VoIPAK is a packet optimization gateway for trunking multiple SIP and MGCP calls. Simple to install, the VoIPAK combines voice packets from multiple VoIP calls destined for the same location into a single IP packet. A VoIPAK unit at the recipient location reconstitutes the original voice packets for forwarding to the end destination. The VoIPAK units work in both point to point and fully meshed applications and operate completely transparently to users at all times.

NX2205D datasheet


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