SWC 210
Redundant Switch Controller

LNB Switch Controller


  • Generally SWC 210 controls 2:1 redundancy systems.

  • SWC 210 can be used for all UP-LINK and DOWN-LINK systems.

  • SWC 210 checks the alarm status of devices in the 2:1 systems and switches the working device to the output safely and quickly.

  • SWC 210 is able to control any device which has an Alarm Output and is working in DC 18 GHz, as 2:1 redundant

  • SWC 210 can control devices like LNBs and LNAs which do not have an Alarm Output, as 2:1 redundant. It can be guided both input and output by providing an alarm with Current and Voltage monitoring.
SWC210 Datasheet


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